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Founded in 1990, the Centro Professionale Europeo Leonardo is an education Institute authorized by the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, by the Ministry of Health for the Education in Medicine (ECM Educazione Continua in Medicina) and has been working since 1994 in the field of professional education. The Centro Professionale Europeo Leonardo, in partnership with the Uninettuno University of Rome, runs, moreover, online courses which are scheduled by seven degrees branch of studies.

The last decade our Institute did one million hours of lessons in the health and social field as well as industry, culture and services sector.

Regarding the health sector, from 2010 by now, the Institute run courses for social health worker in the district of Nuoro, Ogliastra, Carbonia- Iglesias, Cagliari: in total more than 3000 students were qualified.

What is more, the Institute activated optional courses for Complementary Health Assistance, aimed to already qualified social health workers.

Concerning the tourism sector, the Centro Professionale Europeo Leonardo participated to the project” Green future”, a project of friendly- environment tourism in which two courses were run and 48 people got a qualifications in this area. Other courses for technician in tourism and commercial services, experts of environment reclamation, technician of communication and hardware and press secretary ended in 2013.

Finally, the Institute is one of a few professional schools in Italy that does e-learning education concerning health and safety in the work place. In fact, the experimental project was for the first time tested by 1200 managerial staff of private companies.

All the activities within the courses are under control of a team of counsellors who check the whole formation process.

In addition, the Centro Professionale Europeo Leonardo has created a virtual platform («Laboratorio di Leonardo», formazione.cpeleonardo.it) that provides supplementary tools to the lessons (such as forum, chat, direct line to tutors, teachers, archive of documents).

Centro Professionale Europeo Leonardo is certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2000), by DNV Italy and by Accredia (the only public quality auditing).

Information and details available on our website www.cpeleonardo.it, on our web masthead www.leonardonews.it and on the Facebook.

Legal seat, head and administration office

Via Dante , 254 L-09128

tel. +39 0703839082 +39 07044740 – fax +39 07044740

email direzione@cpeleonardo.it

PEC cpeleonardo@pec.it

Other local seats in Sardinia:

Cagliari 1

Via Grandi – c/o ITG «Ottone Bacaredda»

Cagliari 2

Viale Colombo 60 – c/o ITN «Buccari»


Via della Costituente – 09013 CARBONIA c/o ITCG «Giovanni Maria Angioj»
email carbonia@cpeleonardo.it


Località Biscollai – 08010 NUORO c/o ITC «Sebastiano Satta»
email nuoro@cpeleonardo.it


Via Don Milani 1 – 08016 BORORE
email bororesegreteria@cpeleonardo.it


Via Pietro Nenni – 08015 MACOMER c/o IIS «Edoardo Amaldi»
email bororesegreteria@cpeleonardo.it


Via Michele Coppino 1/3 – 07100 SASSARI c/o ITC «John F. Kennedy»
email sassari@cpeleonardo.it


Via Perugia 1 – 07026 Olbia

email direzione@cpeleonardo.it


Via Gabriele d’Annunzio 1 – 09170 ORISTANO c/o Ist. Magistrale «Benedetto Croce»
email oristano@cpeleonardo.it


Via Leonardo da Vinci – 08045 LANUSEI c/o IIS «Leonardo da Vinci»
email lanusei@cpeleonardo.it